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Website packages

  according to the enterprise's development, has developed a series of template website packages for small and medium enterprises, the site low cost, affordable, companies can choose to suit your site based on their own needs functional modules, basically meet the modern needs of SMEs.


      1, manuscript word count in Word documents, text, number of characters (without spaces), translation of words less than 100-word manuscript is calculated per 100 words, more than 100 words, according to the actual word count; small pieces of translation, Piece rate;
2, Translate words between 10,000-50,000 save 10%; at least 50,000 words discount 20%;
3, our Japanese translation is 2000-4000 characters, plus 30–50 percent charge for dispatch in accordance with the standard;
4, tables, equations, and pictures in your presentation, and to charge a fee as appropriate.
5, foreign language Web page editing fee: RMB 50 per page.