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Small investment big return medium business Web site carefully

  for small and medium enterprises, access to the Internet, many Web site operators need to be considered when the cost issue.
Hou several of capital operation, also in contact in the, I wants to on I by understand of SEO aspects, mention some recommends:
website more early online, more conducive to search results of ranking
divided good directory structure, can first hanging some static page up, links address to to directory Shang, don't to to specific of HTML Shang, future loaded program not lost weight. Earlier the hang out site, the sooner recognized by the search engine. Of course this "early", how do your website plan. Promotion is not bad these days.
site title area, determined not to modify
some companies choose "XYZ Company" as title of the Web site, if the company has certain strengths and online visibility, do not rely on search engines to sell products, this is not a problem. But if you want your online site to drive product sales, recommended featured products correspond to the page's keywords, all stood around the keyword to do.
a page recommends only do 1 a word
If has multiple products need push, more do several page, static page not need spent how many money, not need more beautiful, search engine of reptile, currently are is robot, he not know you website is beauty is ugly, so built station of early, not recommends spent too more of budget in design Shang, future has has stable of flow, and ample of funds, again please big of designer to do things. Initial limited investment and put links on the promotion.
said for a long time, where is the money?
hiring an editor, when hiring, not to mention hiring SEO staff, so that those who have just graduated from college very confused, they don't know what SEO is, not resumes. If an editor, by contrast, receive resume will be better. We only need to edit to do this one thing: soft article promotion. Establishment of the external links is a long-term work. Decide on a domain name, and patience to do so. Accumulated to a certain number of external links when high quality, natural ranking will go up.
How to write the soft article?
soft is a major priority of the Forum screen the contents of other sites do you want to accept your ad, you must create value for the site, empty article there, 2 sentences and a link to let people see through the eyes of a directly deleted posts. An excellent soft paper, will be reproduced everywhere, one person's power is limited, and if there are a large number of webmasters reprint your articles, there will be a large number of backlinks found in all high quality websites. Low quality soft, in fact there is no need to make people hate on the Forum. Create soft, can go to the individual blog registered account, blog content is free, and what they want to send.
put a website analysis of
must be fully informed of their site traffic concentrated where, what users are most interested in, how long is the travel time, how many people enter your site through keywords, what browser and operating system they use, how much resolution, there is no mobile access users. Know what to do next, for those visitors, what kind of change. Recommended Enterprise webmaster, test the fit of your website in different environments. Their products, only you use, more analysis to find problems.
build a website is to spend hundreds of Yuan can do, technology is not the most important part, when the flow after a certain level through analysis and summary of the dominant user behavior, another website, on-demand provisioning. In this way, little initial investment, and will not cause a waste of resources.
Add a sentence: SEO is not all, there are certain funds, improve the user experience, converting traffic to sales is our ultimate goal.

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