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From the website of a company's corporate culture and management system

  today to chat with alyona, naturally talking about his dad network know alyona n for years, but had never met before, but from now on he knew, alyona feel so good! Tashi, in good faith, to tell you the truth, alyona learned a lot about Web design and Web site operators.
is also generally see dads network before, but today under alyona is strongly recommended, occasionally through carefully, because they do more and more rich than was so rough. After reading this, gave me the feeling is: architecture planning and reasonable page is concise and practical, informative and worthwhile, the overall look is very comfortable, gave members a refreshing feeling. Actually I didn't mean aliaochui here, because I know alyona does not like publicity, I told the truth?
in fact, sees the site as people, websites, can be seen to do a website company culture and management, as well as team spirit, as well as style, blend in the Internet for many years, saw thousands of websites, looking at different company's Web site, to the author's feelings are not the same, for what? Because each company has a different culture and team spirit and philosophy, so a direct impression website style and planning and design of the site is different, even if imitation is also imitated not only shape and God does not like.
so author in finished milk dad network Hou, author think milk dad network of concept is clear is maternal and child supplies life shopping mall, since is online mall words, so website do of is clean and simple, on like clean of community as, no what too fancy of things in Home, since is Mall, so on should like Mall of feel, so color not is bright, but soft of, to people warm of feel, since is online shopping of Mall, cannot too complex, cannot let people in Hou, Find not to way or himself by need of things, so milk dad network of column schema and function Guide, are is is science reasonable of, not letter words, everyone can attempts to about, since is maternal and child supplies online shopping mall, so milk dad network in of content on should is help modern $literal of mother solution problem and difficult of, since is maternal and child supplies online shopping mall, so information not can appeared those has nothing to do of boring information, so accurate of positioning, website of all link are strictly according to positioning implementation, Not to attract attention, and do fancy.