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Network BBS was to what to do to avoid filling

  recently on the Internet is not at peace, growing network events to be implemented from the beginning of December, affected by the incident, have closed dozens of IDC enterprises nationwide, more than 100,000 Web sites shut down, more than 100,000 webmaster jobs, it is horrible. Believe that future generations in history written for the Internet, absolutely written for this event is a strong one.
forums in particular, with the deepening of reorganization, interactive Web site became the focus of the Forum. According to relevant regulations, to run BBS, you need to first forum dedicated for the record. To be successful for the record, you need to have a registered capital of at least 1 million businesses also need to ICP licence application, are eligible for this special after record. In front of this requirement, most forums only departs from the Palace's sake. So the problem becomes everyone's concern and worry, the most worried about.
If it was old with years of experience in the Internet, and believe I know, this provision has been in existence for nearly ten years ago. But why do forums are no problem, and suddenly to enforce? In fact, for the simple reason because China Forum on collective discipline. Many of today's Forum, filled with all kinds of illegal information, forcing authorities to pain killers.
here to speak of not self-discipline, including two cases, a subjective intention is walking, such as many forums like some beautiful pictures to attract clicks. And this is what everyone knows. Of course, such people accounted for only a small minority, and is interested in it, so how much discretion.
and the other is unintentional foul, this is the most horrible. Because when not subjective cognition to distinguish what is illegal information, even when good people bad guys, that is a major problem. More serious is that there are quite a few sites now operating personnel are at this stage, do not correctly identify illegal information. Many of my friends may laugh, say an alarmist, that most adults have a strong ability to distinguish, can tell absolutely illegal information. Indeed, significant information, who can tell, but in the face of some hidden information? And some information, ordinary people do not belong to porn.
in this block in the event, for example, a well-known forum for 9 years of survival had been drained. A lot of friends sorry for, many webmasters take he said. I went to have a look at this snapshot, found that featured ten of the headline post, article breaches. Estimated webmaster I didn't realize that such information is illegal information may or may not be so.
I am confident before, to think that you can tell what is illegal and what is not illegal. But since the company responsible for the Forum, found that this was not the case. Every time you sent to my room when the list of illegal information, there will be a surprise, because some illegal information table, in my previous knowledge, are no problem. Some great posts poking fun at, especially hot, reprint rate is particularly high, most people thought it was nothing. But in reality this is a serious violation information. This information says, seriously some of the politics of information, this is the most touching. But many of the Forum has not only failed to limit and manage, even some of the administrators of the Forum itself is cynical, active dissemination. Of course, fenqing are just a few, most people are not aware of its serious consequences. How serious is the specific consequences, we look at the recent CCTV exposure "network underworld" knows, which directed Internet Forum. Here refer to the text in this entry the Wikipedia
"on the Internet there is a post made by way of benefit Fi industry chain, from the" ban Wang Lao JI "event, to master the" water gate "are secretly manipulating them. These companies, not only for the enterprise to provide services such as brand hype, customers can also order an intensive post, defamation, slander competitors or even control the media, around the Court. "
here, Jiang Li-Kun to share with you what those least able to touch. Based on the personal experiences of ten class, want to help.
1, topical news categories: this is bomb, do not touch. If you do not have the ability to distinguish, I suggest that you, as long as these items of information, no matter what the form, just delete it.
2, seditious libel class: If normal brick between Forum members only, that's not a problem. If not, then firmly blocked. Especially in relation to a number of companies, organizations and even government departments, firmly blocked.
3, gender categories: not saying that color change, the key is that most people do this standing, well controlled or even intentionally walking, ****. So, in order to avoid the consequences, still can not touch, do not touch it. Such as adult products, should be strictly controlled, many adult product information, write extremely sexually explicit.
4, girls pictures categories: 1th, normal girls pictures, we were welcome. But now a lot of people take this big **** brand, well-known large Web sites or even individual to do so. So, if we do not have a certain ability to grasp the content and do not touch the better.
5, **** category: **** information directly, I believe we all have the ability to identify, but some form of grazing, a lot of people came out to tell. This information is the most life-each rectification or rectification, which is focused on cracking down on. So in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, personal recommendations are directly on the website, all the relevant keywords, all blocked.
6, video categories: push since its inception, website diagnosis often have video type site to diagnose almost every time I reply, will stress that the subject of alleged irregularities, because there is no way to solve the copyright problem. But a lot of people just don't pay attention to. The moive BT site, is a lesson for everyone. Is not only film and television categories, including fiction, most of the time, we all understand that these things are illegal, but there is chance. Hey!!!
7, **** category: including a disguised form of gambling, games, stocks, lottery, horse racing, etc. Generally such information is hardly news, and related to the liar.
8, character classes: private servers is an illegal practice, countries began a few years earlier to combat, so this information once discovered, should immediately shot.
9, illegal: listed on these are more focused and concentrated, there are many others, not one by one. And we can only say, pay more attention to understanding the relevant laws and regulations, more concerned with good news, policies and so on. General legal information, should be directly killed, much less to touch these things.
10, other sensitive content or disharmony. In addition to these information, there are some violations, but did not conform to the theory of Chinese traditional moral content, and should not be touched. Great joke on, for example there are a lot of posts, is determined not to be touched.
for these contents, you must strictly grasp, don't let them in your own site. If you do now is precisely with regard to the above topics, suggest you get that person find a way to transition. Unless you just want to do the play, came off in a few days.
end of the paper, to remind everyone: now the situation is very serious, and if we want to continue to live, be sure to exercise restraint. Now many of my friends are in the discussion forum on relevant departments will issue across the Board. There is no official news, everything is speculation. But Jiang Li-Kun personally relevant departments will step up supervision of the Forum, but not across the Board. Because if so, means at least 90% of the Forum on the Internet you want to close, also means that the Chinese Internet is back, and this responsibility, who cannot afford to take. China can no longer, as the Qing dynasty, and isolation. But based on past experience, the relevant departments in implementing a policy, step by step and slowly advance. ICP filing system, for example, is pushing several years before this gratifying result. So I do not believe that in this case, the relevant departments will use simple and crude way to deal with.
in its current form, the departments concerned for those of not self-discipline Forum, 1.1 points to dispose of them. For healthy, law-abiding citizens in a formal forum, by some measures to support it. Read a piece of news in a few days, for example, said that Chongqing authorities going to Forum run by communities in the local special record.
this reorganization actions we don't get discouraged, law-abiding regular Web sites, this is definitely a great opportunity. Reorganization after it is really left for the King.