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Soft art: user experience and brand effect

  on Internet marketing platform, soft play effect is very large, companies in the soft article writing is flourishing, each one. Before writing a piece of soft paper, the first to establish a "I'm not for advertising write the soft article, but written in soft advertising" thinking, the former emphasis on advertising, which emphasize user experience. The soft charm lies in the user experience of these four words, you write to users makes sense, to make use of the win-win between end users and software writers. Many owners, still soft as advertising, or purely promotional text written in the vast world of the Internet, just looked silly ad soft, very little, will there be any effect, said.
for initial contact soft writing novice, often do not know where to start. So the first thing to do is improve his reading, have substantial relevant information, you will not create, then start by imitating. Since ancient times, the sort of human progress has always been from imitation to innovation, this is true.
but before copy, you need to determine what kind of group you this article is directed against. If simply to imitate, without doing the analysis, it's easy to make a "cow lips not the horse's mouth" joke, let those who see incomprehensible or is uncomfortable. When I first began writing love shopping network, which is a shopping navigation website, faced by users for online shoppers. I've collected a lot of professional articles on shopping network navigation trends, then combining the idea of integrating it into a new article. Because collected is a professional information integration out of the article are highly professional. But because at that time the site has just been included in BD soon, my purpose is not to increase the chain, but some online shoppers active forums, so as to bring traffic. Results show that the effect of this article is fail. A few months later, when a Web site through a "newbie test", I will the article "e-commerce continues to heat up, Natural Buy era is coming" the article out, slightly modified, and then published on the company, by some professional websites at once, of course, does not rule out the weight brought about by the effects of the first stop.
so much, summed up in just the right select "mock object", then all you have to do is to read a lot of related information, write down what you want to use the information, data, and then integrate it into a new article. Over time, as a water Cup, by reading every day, accumulated a certain amount of resources, you will have your own opinion, water is running, then it is your innovation time.
just write the soft article, but do not know how to post tips, so is useless. Just like a bottle of fragrant wine, not to dig it, and who would have known there is so wonderful about a bottle of wine. In today's society, don't believe what "good wine needs no Bush" story. About soft released two points: publishing platform and release date.
1. Platform before you publish the
soft paper is published, confirm this soft against the user, and then collect the corresponding platform. Soft publishing platform of choice to focus on quality rather than deliberately to increase volume. If in some spam sites or forums where you soft, nothing not said also affects what you promote the site's reputation. Some higher weights should be published on the Internet site, blog. Such as website promotion, sent to Baidu space, SINA NetEase blog, Erik networks, Director of China network, BITNET, and influential network platform.
2. Published
issues involved here is the reprint rate as well as the original site.
Select 8:30 to 9:30 published every day in the morning, and the reprint rate is highest at this time.
new new content included is slow, so the first stop in the search engines under the judgment will not necessarily be original site.
II, search engine
about how soft the original judgment in order to reduce spam, search engines generally when dealing with Web data, will selectively delete those duplicates many times article data. And the search engine on the original article's judgment is, that one of the first to be included in the. This is independent of the article itself first on your site, the search engine is just a program, it judges the original standard was first to be found in that article. Website weight, the higher the spidered more ordinary, featuring faster, a number of other similar articles is likely to be deleted. Which is why a lot of sites collected station data search engines not included, is down the right, k's sake.
This is the first in the main site until after it has been included in other websites. Or you can apply for a blog on some sites that offer blog functionality on top to make a one-way link to your main site, and then publishing the article the next day to the blog, and indicate the source.
soft is the role of branding, followed the chain, moreover is a flow. Which chain is the most effective way to promote your keywords, add hyperlinks, so when you publish a paper, and add as a hyperlink.
and branding, you write the soft article, apart from advertising outside of the user experience, and to make as much as possible who read this article know that webmasters to write the article, as well as the webmaster of the site. Do this and achieve the branding effect.
soft road users to experience the art, its audience of people interested in it. Interested in, then tell them you can express this information they are insiders, or close to that part of the circle of people. Only through more, analysis, writing, looking for hot spots, more innovation, to improve the quality of content, to make more sense of them, to play soft maximum utility.