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Make good use of your hands up keywords let it glow

  I said rising keyword refers to the today's fastest rising Baidu keywords and one week hot spots. The key words here are the latest hot events or characters. Duplicate article less because things are relatively new so the Internet, the relative absence of other things spread. But such words have a downside is that traffic comes and goes very quickly. For webmaster, but traffic is the lifeblood, so the more the better.
would like to get the flow of these keywords must be very concerned about Baidu's award. After opening the computer the first thing is to look at how award I think too much. Weights
Secondly, there must be a decent site. You must ensure that the updated article is included in a short time. Otherwise there is no point advantage. No weights are included and there will not be too high in the rankings.
again is the question of choice. May the direct keyword traffic is up. But the competition is also the largest of the word. So sometimes we do need to learn to choose. Doesn't have to be the hottest word drill. Last relevant keywords, has a good ranking is also good, relatively small and difficult.
what is a content issue, just blindly copying other people's content results are not good. The best option is to write original content. Could not write a really original artifacts. As to original Baidu should be there, I will not say more, or have time in a few days and then write an article about the original artifacts is personal experience.
and the rest is AD issues, how the AD is a very complex issue. Must first look at what you are, based on the appropriate content to the Forum or the appropriate sections. Like my website I would go funny forum or the entertainment section of the Forum posting. Furthermore is the blog. SINA, ZOL they personally feel the effect is good, you can give it a try.