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Small webmasters should adhere to the "content is King" persistent

 , January 18, Google might quit the Chinese market caused a stir in the industry, which also includes a lot of small webmasters. "No matter when Internet development, content is King." Webmasters 2010 Shanghai annual meeting, we recommend small webmasters to focus more on content, using content to drive website traffic, rather than relying on search engines.
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most of the domestic small and medium sites, the search engines are very important sources of advertising and revenue. By buying keyword ads, you can get the top position in the search results to get clicks and traffic that will flow into advertising revenue or other income. Such as e-commerce sites, and more clicks means more potential buyers. Appear
Pan Haidong, content is King on the Internet. Not long ago in the United States the Web2.0 Conference, he knew that a company called Demand Media's Web site. The site is noted by foreign technology blog Techcrunch named 2010 most likely listed companies.
Pan Haidong introduction, Demand Media is a specialized Internet users need most content on the site, charring to offer users most need content. "Because of the uniqueness of content, it naturally ranked in the search engines is in front of the location. "In 2009, the Web site's revenues had reached $ 100 million.
"as long as the content does well, will win in the end. "Pan Haidong, for example, network operators selling Ski suit, if they can provide ski-related knowledge in the page, you can than users of other network operators to obtain a higher degree of viscosity," money is something sooner or later. "
in the country, Pan Haidong described blueprint actually have a case.
little Luke is a senior Shanghai piano players, out of interest at first, he built and maintenance knowledge about piano tutorial site, slowly in circles to get recognition. To contact him after piano manufacturers in South China, began to get involved in e-commerce.
now the piano business find small Luke to the manufacturers, advertising on his website. Little Luke not only sold the piano's revenues, also have a good ad revenue.
Dong Qin Feng also agreed on the importance of the content of the Web site. Dong Qin Feng is a well-known head of the laggard of the Webmasters Forum, enjoys a high profile in webmaster circles.
Dong Qinfeng thinks, especially early station under construction, sufficient attention to content. His community, for example, posts must be users really need, also top on the most important information in a prominent position, he warned webmasters not to rush to profits and damage the user experience.
in addition to attention to reducing dependence on search engines, but pan Haidong also recommends that webmasters consider SNS new channel in your website promotion. Pan Haidong said that through traffic from Facebook than many foreign Web sites search engines, "SNS more recommendations from acquaintances and friends, much higher credibility than search engines. "Currently happy at home, school, community, have also started to slowly try product placement marketing and e-commerce.