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QQ Group promotion clever woman who hoards grain, rice and good hack

  QQ Group resources, that is, QQ Group number, which is a focus throughout the QQ Group promotion. But are mentioned only at the end it, in order to emphasize its importance. QQ is to promote the process of the group resources, mass of fundamental guarantees. So how to keep plenty of group resources, as well as how to deal with the most relevant to deal with it?
QQ Group promotion is about as a team here, QQ Group promotion operations personal, some steps can be deleted according to your situation. Prophase promotion involves analysis of the target group as a whole and lists related resources from precision to universal to all corresponding keywords. For example: women's clothing, ladies from brand keywords to type keywords, then women's, clothing, women, from the exquisite pan will be listed. These precision to the popularity of the keywords assigned to the team member, reducing resources to appear in a few people's hands. Starting from group resources most relevant keywords plus, in advance of the QQ Group promotion, ensure the master hand of QQ Group number at more than 50, when applied to a day plus 50 to 100 groups, divided into different, plus, the minimum guaranteed added 10 to 20 groups. Each successfully joined a QQ Group number the notes, arranged from 01 down in turn. For most relevant QQ Group, to focus on care, joined by two or three at a time, to facilitate group chat to promote implementation and from outside of the group by t, lose those group resources.
additive group in accordance with the two "most" to add, namely through Qun.QQ.com to locate the most relevant group, most of the group. Due to the additive group may not necessarily win, while the group that did not succeed, which likely will be lost, so it's best to create a WORD document, will collect the group number you put into them, indicated at the back of each group, such as QQ, rejected, rejected by the server. Problem, shall I say, the actual operation is nothing more than copy and paste, get into the habit, be helpful for later group resources and streamlined operation.
add little tips: application for validation, add as +++ thank you for authentication information such as group head tube can provide into the Group's success rate, which is the target group specific promotion category.
talk about mental control and rhythm
chat to promote processes and problems involved in mass, said before do not speak up, here its mental control and rhythm.
1. even the best promotion master will often be denied or, even worse, their attitudes will be very bad. Encounter such cases, team members learn to adjust to make the mood, when those words are just a bunch of clouds, indifferent to, otherwise it will affect the work progress.
2. simultaneously open multiple conversation Windows, looking for her to meet the ultimate conversation, and then controlling it within this number. Not to open too many Windows, would make them too late to deal with waste could have a successful transformation of objects nor points to open at a time window is too small, you'll find out in the end with more time and energy than others, get the effect but not others.
3. when hand has been formed after a set of fixed lines, encountered particular problems complicated objects, based on existing lines of cases that cannot be resolved, you can give up. If more such cases, appropriate measures can be taken, sums up a few lines to tackle such issues.
4. control the interval of every open dialog window, in the middle is not much time to do other things, otherwise it will be difficult to enter the rhythm before. When a person is dedicated to do something when the result is always the best.
If you do this, there is a cool, find their own rhythm, then talk to your promotion is sent out. These are talking probably requires promotion of a framework for many of the details, it needs to identify their practice.