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IT Yang: share medical Web site operation policy

  after operation for many medical sites, some friends asked him about his Web site contains less, PR is also low, traffic does not go on, (website optimization) under our analysis:
on how to increase the number of booking rate? I only have one sentence: objective truth from the customer point of view.
, access medical site with a cautious skeptical attitude, blindly exaggerate their own distrust increases customer, based on the facts, to speak to customers with data and examples, some problems from the customer's point of view, more able to seize the customer's heart. So I used the "customer-oriented" philosophy to site content.
Second, the first medical site on some of the most simple objective is to remove our doubts, get the most original reference information, and determine their own spending choices. They is not for appreciate a aesthetic dynamic full of website and to, aesthetic dynamic full of website certainly will to people good of Visual feel, but also will to customer brings find not to necessary of information and loss and open speed slow of troubles, in also of time range within, if customer can in opponents of website within found he need of information, so you of potential customer may on became has others of customer. So I use "not" to summarize medical Web site graphic design.
III, who in the world would have, but make sure you 99% to the right of access to your company's Web site and use the tools on the Web site, rather than saying you think you will use on the line, or that some things are simple enough, a person can use, that is your subjective. And you have to have your company would like to recommend to customers product and service in the most easy to find place. "Nuanced" are my views on the Web site layout.
This is only from the website's layout, artwork, three aspects to improve Web site traffic some of my personal views. (Note: the most important thing a bit more, if you don't know how to stand on the customer's perspective to analyze these issues, there are two ways to help you is to ask you some more friends outside the industry think, the second is the item analysis of site access data, and more data, the more detail the better)