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Building process

    building applications
1. customer construction needs, demand for communication and understanding on both sides.
project description website of basic functional requirements the basic design requirements
2. I provide "Web site building program and quote".
1. consultations both on website content, modified, supplemented, to reach a consensus.
2. determine the construction details and price on both sides.
1. website construction agreement signed by both parties.
2. customers pay in advance.
3. customers information provided relevant content sites.
Enterprise CI specifications website text description with pictures
site planning, market analysis
1. investigation and analysis of characteristics of customer market.
2. determine Web site business and market position.
3. determining your site's style and function.
draft audit
1. under finished the first draft of the website design.
Home style site architecture diagrams
2. customer review confirmed the preliminary design.
3. our complete overall website design.
site commissioning, customer acceptance
1. customer construction needs, demand for communication and understanding on both sides.
2. acceptance issued by the customer "Web design acceptance confirmation".
3. open registering a domain name, Web space, email, upload production files.
4. customers pay the balance, website.
site maintenance
1. submit the site maintenance to customer specification.
2. us in accordance with the site agreement and the terms of the website maintenance manual maintenance updates to the customer.
provide services such as website promotion, optimization 1. customers according to need, my company does website optimization, website promotion and other services. Specific content, please click on the relevant section.