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E-commerce and disadvantages of other Union ads website

  like Google AdSense, Baidu Union, Ali Mama ads for these domestic League, we all are common. But now many sites rely on this kind of advertising to keep the website earnings, is harder, some sites were built to the Union. At the national level, there is a strange phenomenon, many e-commerce sites, location of pages (for example top of page Banner, left navigation, the beginning of the article) to the ad network!
This is a red flag!
e-commerce, their website is their main battleground, should not allow others in your own site import flows. E-commerce, all know traffic hard, difficult to get quality traffic is all the more so now that so many people do SEO, so many people to the long tail.
(this e-commerce website, including all Web site used to promote a product or service, such as company websites, B2C Web site. )
in their own e-commerce website, put on the dangers of advertising to other Web sites, ash thought for a moment, simply to name a few.
1, lower conversion rate of the site. These ads may visitors not to click on, but distract the viewer's attention, interrupting viewers of your browsing session, and website conversion rate has certainly damaged.
2, reducing the site's credibility. Users come to your site, see ads for other sites, vexed to think: the site's profit is not out of the question? Ads. His products (services) quality are secure? Should I buy?
3, flow loss. Themselves hard to get the flow (can also do a lot of SEO work), just import the rest of the site. Put Google AdSense on the page to automatically analyze the PPC advertising results is all the more terrifying, because traffic is sent directly to the competitors!
4, need a lot of energy. Have time because the transformation of advertising and this resulted in style doesn't match, owners will need more energy to deal with these issues, and may neglect other aspects of visitor care.
some such ads webmasters, in order to increase the rate of ads displayed on his own account (such as AdSense), thereby reducing the number of page views their ads account. If only for this, I suggest conversion rate has little effect on advertising in a number of pages.

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