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On the factors to evaluate your site

  When you have your own website, always wanted to make money via the Internet, perhaps through Internet marketing can make your business profitable, management over the past few years their site's value and how much? Then the following information is important to help you. Worth collecting.
highlights include: domain names, (unique) content, domain name, age, PageRank, visitor, PageView, revenue, ongoing maintenance, and in particular in the area of dominance. Website value depends on the comprehensive analysis of the factors mentioned above.
values measured by how much revenue the site inaccurate, of course, if you want to sell a site no advertising at all, its value cannot be zero. This value depends on other elements of the site, in my opinion, these are the most important factors: content, flow, daily maintenance, Pagerank, and commercial Web sites that way. Let's take a closer look at these elements:
content: content is very important. Not only determines the type of site, such as sports forum technology blog, and decided that the uniqueness of the site. Unique content can make a website's value increased, and copying content is going to make this value declined. Who will want to buy a code of Youtube video download site? Already there are thousands of sites offering the same content online.
flow: an important factor. How many loyal users visiting your site every day? Where do they come from? How long they stay on your site? From search engine traffic more valuable than from elsewhere. It is easy to get thousands of visitors so as to improve the status of your whole website, but no benefit to your site, because they were only just come in great haste and hurry away.
daily maintenance: a website do not need routine maintenance than a well maintained site takes a few hours a day. Because it can save a lot of time to make the site more dynamic. Even though you can work 18 hours a day, but you soon stretched to the limit, this means you either have to sell the site or hire someone, or reduce your maintenance time on other sites.
PR:Pagerank at first glance may not think is important, but by the time you want to sell links on your site, you know the importance of it. Pagerank of 4 per cent of the time began to reflect the importance of it, you can sell on the site Pagerank is 6 link location and making hundreds of dollars a month. You may want to achieve a Pagerank 6 and is to take some effort, but it's worth doing.
commercial way: when the other site is a commercial and distress when, some sites are easy. Forum is not easy to achieve, for example commercial, but easy to blog sites and products. For most sites, you can generate income in US $ 4 per thousand hits.
sells text links is another possible way, if your site reached Pagerank 4, each text links can bring you monthly income of us $ 4. If your site reached Pagerank 9, then the figure will be $ 1000. There are other ways of making money, such as selling advertising directly to participate in website League, requesting donations, sale of products or CPM/CPC systems.