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Site plan mainly pages prototype increased efficiency

  in our online marketing plan, the first thing to consider is the layout of the site, a good layout would not only give consumers a good impression, and can improve browsing speed, buy more products. We in layout of when, are is to user for oriented, but we time and human limited, cannot full of do research work, so master some layout of small skills, undoubtedly can save we of human material, save out time to do whole station of planning, following on with everyone share about:
1. eye of first movement focused Yu page of left Shang angle
user browse page of this a habits should in expected, After all as the main operations center at the upper left of this most important design of computer applications used. When you build Web sites Web site design, you should try to keep this format. You know, if you want to keep personal characteristics, to build a successful website, you must respect users ' habits.
2. when users browse the Web, first see the upper left and upper part of the page, and then read, browse the contents of the right
users generally browse with showing "f" shape. Important to guarantee site content elements focused on such critical areas, to ensure the participation of readers. Here headline, subtitle, hotspots and important article, that will draw the reader to read.
3. encounter interesting content, users will only see more subtitle
don't insist subtitles fixed format-make sure they are relevant and interesting. You can make the subtitle contains keywords, so you can use the search engine, it brings the reader.
4. readers will ignore banner ads
research shows that readers often ignore most banner advertising – even though you to support their websites-the view is often only a fraction of a second. If you want to make money through advertising, then the innovation of the rational allocation of your advertising and website advertising.
5. fancy fonts and formatting is ignored
why? It is because the user will think that these are ads, not the information they need. In fact, studies have shown that users might have difficulty with a lot of fancy font color formatting in finding the information you need, because Visual cues to tell them to ignore it. To keep the site fresh, not because the slick surface, so that important information is ignored.
6. contrast image, more attractive text
contrary to what you might think, when browsing a website, to attract user attention is not the image directly. Most accidental clicks into your site's users, they are seeking the information, rather than an image. Therefore, to ensure your website design highlighting the most important information section, which is the first principle of design.
7. replace by numeral numbers
If you use numerals instead of lists of numbers, readers will find in your site can easily find factual information. You know, you are written for readers who browse your site for the first time, so allow them to easily find the information they need, so they are interested in.
8. most people browsing the Web-only fraction of
If information provided when users browse their target as soon as possible, you can turn this into your advantage. Highlight certain parts or create a list of items to make information easier to find and read.
9. paragraphs long short paragraphs for a better expression
Web information is most emphasized the quick browsing of non-Internet users. Unless context requires, keep paragraphs and sentences short.
10. based on locks, column format has better performance than the multiple-column format
don't give too much information to website visitors flooded. In most cases, concise and powerful. Multi-column content easy to be ignored by the user, we need to eliminate such interference.
11. top of the Web page ads more eye-catching and the left
on a website and ads, trying to integrate them into the top left of the page, so that they can attract maximum visual attention. Of course, users will notice the ads, this does not mean that they will click with the mouse. So not in order to improve the focus of advertising at the expense of the original website design.
12. ad placement and best content can also enhance the attention
If you want to increase ad visibility and click-through rate, you can set it to the most interesting side, integrated into the design of Web pages. In this way, users can find the content you want, you can also increase the effectiveness of advertising.
13. in various tests, reading text ads are most focused.
as mentioned above, the average Internet user doesn't take too much time to see who could see at a glance the content of advertising. This is the reason why text ads outperform. They were not distracted, but one with the other parts of a Web page, it makes them less visual stimulation to the reader, the reading rate for this form of advertising to be successful.
14. font size can affect the browsing behavior
do you want to change people's perception of your website? Changing page font size. Large font to stimulate browsing, while smaller font focus reading. Depending on your needs, the rational allocation of the ratio between
15., the large images attract attention
If you want to use a picture in a Web page, that bigger is better. People tend to view those who can clearly see the detail images and access to information. To guarantee you the picture associated with the content, otherwise it is easy to ignore. Most readers have a high speed connection, so rest assured your website using larger size picture.
16. clean, clear pictures to attract the attention of more Visual
abstract art will make your site look very tasty, but they will not attract the reader's attention. If you need to use the pictures, make sure that the picture clarity and easy readability of the content. It should be noted that is, those with true "people" pictures than the so-called model pictures are more related to the "very good".
17. use good blank
though every inch of space is filled with the idea of a page is very attractive, but set aside some more good sites. Too much information can overwhelm users of the Web site, and they will forget to provide most of the content. So keep the page simple, readers set aside some visual space for readers
18. title will attract the eye
when browsing the Web, readers can be found is the first content in the title. Ensure that all links are clear and effective Web pages, to allow readers to successfully further search through the website.
users spend a lot of time to see buttons and menus so you need to spend additional time maintaining your design. After all, they not only attract the reader's eye, are important elements of Web design.
20. form
will extend the readers ' attention time decomposition and paragraphs, extensive use of forms for your articles, you can ensure that readers browsing rate. Use numbers, and other symbols to highlight important content of the article, will make your site easier to navigate, and faster for users to find the information you need.
21. avoid large blocks of text
research shows that Web browsers generally will not take the time to read large blocks of text, no matter how important or how well written they are. Therefore, these texts must be broken down into a number of small paragraphs. Important places, place click on the button you can also increase the user's attention.
22. formats can attract attention
used in the text in bold, capitals, color, underlining can help users obtain information expressed in the body of the main. Use caution, because too much will make your Web pages difficult to read, drive readers away.
23. placed at the top of the page, the Navigator's role will be to develop the
ideally, you will not be satisfied when the reader opens your site browse only the initial page, but want them to browse through, to see other points of interest. The Navigator at the top of the page, you can use this tool allows users to easily find the content you need.