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Baidu's domain name into domain name protection

  back Qian days Baidu event also fresh, some friends even suspected himself of system has problem, Baidu playing not open, joked, can such thing does does real occurred had, due to Baidu in United States of domain name no protection good, led himself of domain name was modified, this event also to everyone sounded has a alarm, on this we to discussion about domain name of protection work:
1., and if rice farmers were of meters to do station words, don't do illegal of station, meet local of legal regulations, Lest you're Holding.
2., if it is prepared to make a long-term investment, or do, we recommend registering a domain name can be used for 3 years, and you're registered in 2010, it is recommended that renewal expires in 2013. Keep what is the expiration date, forgot to renew it.
3. links, domain names email fill in the real, you can ensure that you receive mail boxes at home and abroad, that lost letter. Conditional, of course you can use your own domain name suffix of the email. Here recommend several good boxes: Gmail.com,Hotmail.com,163.com 3.
4., domain name if it is not necessary, do not Status:ok, recommended action: domain name transfer, prevent the delete, suppress update on DNS these 3 points. In this way, even if hackers crack the your domain name contact email address, but I can't figure out your domain name.
5., domain name to use multiple DNS resolution, if possible, use your own domain name-resolution servers. Free DNS is also a good high security, there is: dnspod,EveryDNS,FreeDNS is recommended.
6., domain name registration must find top registrars, not to find some small domestic agents, small agency on the cheap. Here recommend rice farmers were registered in several big business: easy Chinese, HUPO NET, eNom, network.
7., and from time to time, on your own domain name check WHOIS, then contacts all over the Pacific Ocean. Make sure your domain name is still in his name.
hope that these comments will be helpful to webmasters, insufficient or wrong please correct me.