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Vision of website and search engine optimization

  1, f-shape browsing pattern
the report found that most people can't help but to "f" the shapes of the letters to read a Web page
first, the reader's eyes first uneven movement, often sweeping out the top half of page content, so forming a horizontal trajectory. This is the first line of f-letter
Second, the reader's eyes moved down slightly, typically scan short than the first step of this painting to the second line on the letter f
third, vertical scan readers toward the left part of the page. Sometimes the action is slow and systematic, draw a vertical line on the letter f.
IV, when the f-shape browsing pattern when finished browsing a page, will soon be dragging men look at the bottom of the page.
and then think back to our above content! (I told you)
1, the first question why SEO optimization ranking is better than the right PPC efficiency?
2, second according to the user's Visual focus how we advertise on our website, and to increase the click-through rate?
so at this point you may ask the f-shape browsing pattern and our website optimization and our SEO so well today is what we have to do with the focus of the second part of the lecture!
read the newspaper to explain this! (Text not written voice tell you remember search engines is to simulate human thinking thinking program)
search engine crawling order is from top to bottom and from left to right the structure you must remember! (This and the layout of our keyword optimization and website structure)
here, I talk about <h> labels using < combines the fast version of the page above the snapshot >
<h> tags to use layers will not be mistaken for our
typically H1 font is too large, which tend to occupy a lot of space on the page didn't feel very coordinated so be fixed through CSS makes the H1 font smaller, but H1 title
meaning the same
CSS code is as follows:
H1{font-family:arial;  size:14px;   color:#00ff00;  font-weight:bold;}