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Do your site navigation and structure

  site navigation structure design (structure)
have a clear navigation structure of the site, both for users and search engines are very important. Excellent site navigation system users can quickly and easily find the information they need, and search engines you can reasonably efficient index navigation page on a site.
design principles is in the form of plain text links for navigation is the best, should also be deployed in a navigation link anchor text describing the core keyword. Following, we will introduce the most essential kinds of navigation in the Web site.
sections navigation display column setting of the Web site, click on the appropriate topic section of links can reach the project page. The most important of the navigation for the site navigation settings, located below the header or headers to the left to the right location.
secondary navigation in the header or footer of each page used to link some important information in the Web site. For example: site Home, about us, contact, privacy policy, etc. (It doesn't matter)
also known as breadcrumb navigation history, it tells visitors currently on the site exactly which directory and the website's category structure. Usually consists of a Home link, to navigate through the current end. For example: "current position: Home > Internet marketing > search engine marketing".
Navigation when a visitor on the site when you read an article, often provided at the bottom of the page of "related articles" links, usually with some articles in this paper in the same column. Some sites also provides website links to and with the same or similar topics.
for example, the following diagram:
site map it is for the convenience of visitors to the site all the resources and services has an overall knowledge sets. Of course, from a SEO point of view, a site to build a site map is meant to allow search engines to index a site important to the page.
Web designers tend to use HTML text, JPEG or GIF formats such as static pictures, FLASH animation design site navigation, we recommend using HTML text to create a site map for the best, because most search engine recognition for plain text links.