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Site registration information verification part not standard record again will cancel

 , March 12: sources say around the way authority is beginning to record verification stage, specific certification record information is real and effective, according to people familiar with the webmaster said, because the filings are not the real problem, many Web sites have already been wrote off record, follow the server suffering a broken network.
reportedly in around tube Council Xia of record was cancellation of reasons is because previously has part webmaster through generation record, and false record, way for website record, cannot right verified website record information, thus was cancellation record, of processing, and access business also in contact local tube Council, Advisory record, was cancellation of real reasons (welcomes around webmaster feedback related situation), due to record work of rigorous sex, was cancellation record, website of server was broken network processing, but currently not outgoing so led to room broken network of message.
it is understood that other webmasters community related posts, this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, said Jiangsu Province held a working meeting, focusing on the implementation of the website for the information authenticity verification by the Ministry, part of the post also listed related work schedule requires website for information to verify the implementation before March 31.
according to record new rules (pilot) third article 6th provides
on record information authenticity face to face nuclear inspection work official started Qian access of website, the access service units to in February 2010 end of Qian developed record information authenticity nuclear inspection work detailed plans, reported license sent card organ and units registered location communications authority, and in September 2010 end of Qian completed all website of record information authenticity nuclear inspection.
for record information not true site, authority may, in accordance with the non-profitable Internet information service record management procedures within corrections, punishment, and the cancellation of ICP
failing to complete the filing procedures to provide non-commercial Internet information services, the residence is located a rectification of the communications authority, and a fine of 10,000 yuan; it refuses to, close the Web site. Provide service outside of record, home province, where a rectification of the communications authority, and a fine of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan; it refuses, shuts down Web site and off the record.
phase III filing system coming soon new rules filed with the Ministry (for trial implementation) was launched, the concern and heated discussions by the webmaster, but also by a number of Deputies CPPCC members ' concerns and related supporting proposals raised by CPPCC members, currently on the record in the full implementation of the new regulation is also studying. Meanwhile, stationmaster's House is also collected on the record because the resolution is the first record of the issue was rejected by the record of the case.

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